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Galatians chapter 6

Read Galatians chapter 6


Lots of good stuff in this chapter! Verse 7 says " whatever a man sows that will he also reap !"

This is a fundamental law of life. What you plant is what you get. You don't plant apple seeds and expect oranges. You can't eat junk food all the time and expect to be in great shape. You can't dish out anger, hate, criticism, jealousy and expect people to love you and want to be your friend. But I can guarantee you this , if you keep reading these chapters everyday, you will be planting God's word in your heart, and it will bring a great harvest into your life !!!!!!

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03 nov 2018

Pastor Rick's comments all week have been great, but today really resonated with me in this climate of anger and hatred around the country and the world. Who but us will examine our hearts and actions and plant grace and peace and love among the people we meet? All week has reminded me of James 1. Love this study plan. It is holding my feet to the fire about reading whole chapters and books, not just scatter-shot.

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