• Pastor Rick Doran

Read 1 Timothy 3

Chapter 3 discusses the qualities or qualifications to be a “bishop“ and “deacon“

Bishop means overseer or superintendent.  Deacon means basically a servant.  There are denominations that use these titles in leadership.  We certainly have people that operate as such, but our church does not see these titles as a command of God. What is important are the actual qualities that the Bible says to look for in leadership. Now as you read this chapter you might think “I am disqualified because I don’t possess these qualities." It’s time for a Pastor Rick confession. I haven't either at one time or another, but I have kept moving forward in my walk with the Lord, and He has increased these qualities in me!!   Listen!  We are all a work in process, and some of you are called for leadership. Lift up the areas of weaknesses in prayer and keep seeking Him, and “HE” will make you the leader you can’t be in your own strength!


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