• Pastor Rick Doran

Read Philemon

Philemon is the shortest book Paul wrote. Paul is writing his friend Philemon in regards to Philemon's slave Onesimus. Now you need to know that God does not approve of slavery. One could say that the rules of slavery are in the Bible, but so are rules for divorce.

Just because some things are mentioned in the Bible does not mean that they are God's will. Please see me if you have concerns!

Now to the chapter. Onesimus had robbed his master Philemon and fled to Rome, a large city where he could easily hide. Providentially, Onesimus encountered Paul in Rome where the apostle was serving time in prison.  Scholars believe Paul led Onesimus to the Lord and now Onesimus is going back to Philemon to make things right with Paul’s blessings. 

The name Onesimus means “helpful,” “useful,” or “profitable,” but verse 11 describes Onesimus as “who once was unprofitable to you.” 

The story of Onesimus is a story of forgiveness and redemption!  You see God loves to take broken people and what this world calls useless, and make them profitable for his service!  Paul describes Onesimus this way in Colossians 4:9 “with Onesimus, a faithful and beloved brother, who is one of you.”

Hey, always remember it’s not how you start but how you finish! And with Jesus in our lives we will finish strong!!


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